DIY liquid hand soap

So yesterday I was writing out a shopping list at work (it was a slow day) of all the things I had to pick up on the way home. At the top of this list was a refill bottle of liquid hand soap. We ran out about a week ago and have been using a bar, which I hate. I have a couple of problems with bar soap. A) They get dirty from everyone’s hands B) My little one likes them too much and wants to break off his own pieces to use, which go down the drain and C) I’m lazy and it’s so much faster and easier to squirt liquid soap. But I was thinking of how expensive refills are compared to bar (It’s even more expensive if you buy a new bottle every time even if the’re only a buck.) There has to be a cheaper way! So I went to the internet for help and boy was there a lot of info out there. Apparently, you can make liquid hand soap from bar soap and water. There were a ton of recipes and a lot of comments on each one saying that it turned out watery. So I didn’t make any of the recipes exactly, I got ideas from each one and found what works best for me.

This is the recipe that I used exactly:

1 bar of Dial Cranberry & Antioxidant Glyrerin Soap. (I bought an 8 pack at Walmart for $4)

5 cups of water

I put the 5 cups of water into an old pot that is only used for crafts and put it on the stove on medium-high. While I waited for the water to heat up I grated the soap. Well, I shredded it, I have a 4 side grater and the grater holes were just too small to get the soap through (this is a pretty wet soap). Then I put the shredded soap into the pot of water and stirred it until it was melted. I then took it off the heat and let it set up. I got impatient because it was “taking forever” after 2 hours and put it (covered with plastic wrap) out on the grill for another hour before it had firmed up. *Note* I live in Maine and it’s February. If you don’t have those conditions and are impatient like me then you could put it in the refrigerator but make sure it’s covered tightly so the smell doesn’t get in your food.

When it was all solidified I “smushed” it with my hands (a potato masher would probably work great for this) and broke it all up until if was the consistensy of snot. Then I refilled my soap dispenser and voila! I have a little over a quart of liquid hand soap for 50 cents.

This is just what worked for me, every brand of soap will be a little different and you’ll have to experiment. Dove soaps probably need a lot less water because there’s a lot of lotion and other things in dove.

I did not do this to be organic so I used dial. My point was to save money which I did.

Other blogs said to use glycerin. As far as I know, it is only for moisturizing and does not effect the thin/thickness or consistency of the liquid hand soap and I used glycerin soap so I felt no need to add any.

Other blogs say to used distilled water and not tap. I used tap (well water) because it is meant for my family’s use and this sized batch will probably only last a month so I’m not too worried about bacteria build-up in such a short amount of time.

Thank you to Savvyhousekeeping and Onegoodthingbyjillee for the jump-off points for this recipe.

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